Meet the Team
Introducing our latest recruit to the Speller Team, Luke Day. From the UK to Dubai and the tropics of the Bahamas, this travel junkie and cinema buff has found himself right at home among our ranks.

Tell us a little bit of Luke Day history?
I was born in Cambridge in the UK and lived in the county of Hertfordshire, just north of London, until the age of 21. I made a decision at the age of 16 to get stuck into the working life rather than pursuing a higher education, this is a decision that paved the way for my dedication and hunger to succeed. After a 4 year spell at a postage solutions company in the UK a rather unexpected opportunity to work in Dubai, UAE presented itself.

What I expected to be a maximum 3 year stint turned into 6 and a half years of incredible experiences and lessons in life that I will always cherish. It was never the easiest place to succeed due to the extreme competition in all industries but for me it was an excellent experience and one that developed me into the person I am today. In 2016 I moved to the Bahamas, the decision to move there was to both challenge myself in a new career but also in a completely different environment that I was ever used to.

Now a lot of people think that living on a tropical island is a dream and, in many ways, it was, however it wasn’t all Pina Colada’s and sun, there were definitely challenging times in integrating into such a laid-back environment. Being on that side of the world opened me up to very convenient travel into the USA which I took full advantage of. Whilst there I visited New York, Miami, Texas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles on multiple occasions experiencing some of the greatest parts of the US. Texas being a particular favourite mostly down to the incredible food and the great atmosphere in the local line dancing clubs.

Having recently joined the Speller Team, what are you most looking forward to in your role as SAP Account Manager?
I am excited to work within this already established and extremely collaborative team to try and further develop the business and my own understanding of SAP.

Where do we find you in your down time?
Anything sports related (mostly watching these days) Or at the cinema as I am somewhat of a movie buff. If I am not watching sports or movies then there is a high chance I am in one of the many fantastic places in Melbourne to eat. A lover of Asian food means that I am very spoilt for choice here in Melbourne with a favourite restaurant so far being Lucy Liu’s. I try to travel as much as I can even within in Australia as I enjoy the adventure of discovering new places.

What does 2018 hold both professionally and personally for you?
A new step in my professional career and a new challenge in understanding another industry, with a very supportive team around me I’d like to establish myself within the SAP community as quickly as possible. Personally, I would like to travel and see a lot of this side of the world, with Thailand being a particular favourite of mine. I spent a month in Thailand back in 2011 alone and absolutely loved every place I visited, from cities to small islands. Now I’d like to experience this with my partner as she is as much of an adventurer and foody as myself. I’d also like to experience China and the Philippines as soon as possible as I have heard great things about both of them.