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Speller Easter Egg Competition!

The Easter Bunny has left Speller International a jar filled with chocolate eggs. Can you guess how many eggs are in the jar? For your chance to win this chocolate overload, leave your guess in the comments below. Good luck!

Speller Christmas Party 2017

After another big year in SAP for Speller International, our Christmas party went off with a well-deserved bang last week – and we have all the photographic evidence!


Welcome all to this Easter edition of our Cooking Corner which means buns, chocolate, cakes and fun!

Speller International SAP consulting

Speller Consulting Services

As one of Australia’s largest SAP specific companies, Speller International is 100% focused on SAP resourcing, consulting and recruitment services.

How many hearts?

The rules are simple, there’s not much to learn. So guess right and guess true and we send the whole jar plus tickets for two!

Cooking with SAP

Cooking the SAP way!

Everyone knows that at the start of a new year, the health kick begins! Here are four healthy, easy and SAP specific recipes to help you on your way!

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