A year in review: Luke Day

It has been a year since Luke began at Speller International, so today we’ve sat down with him and asked about his journey so far, what’s changed in the SAP world and what are his interests outside of Speller.

Speller International Announcement!

Last financial year was an excellent growth year for Speller and we took a few small risks that really have set the foundations for the future of Speller. At the start of 18/19 financial year we set a plan for the year ahead and part of that plan involved some changes at Speller.

agile industry event for sap recruitment

AGILE Industry Event Wrap-Up

Last week Speller International held their second industry event. After the success of their first industry event, they had high expectations. And the AGILE industry event did not disappoint.

the speller launch team photo

The Speller Launch Wrap Up

At the end of each financial year, the Speller team head off on a trip to get away from the office and review the results from the past year. This year they headed to the Whitsundays!

saug summit sydney speller team

The Speller Yearly Review

As we settle into the new financial year (19/20) and we prepare for our Speller annual company trip away, we reflect on our busy but challenging past year (18/19). This year we head up to sunny Airlie Beach to set some goals, plans and focus for this financial year.

office workers eofy image

End Of Financial Year Blog

It’s the time of year where misconceptions such as “the market is slowing down” are rumoured and contractors start to worry about being out of work. However, historically Speller has seen quite the opposite. Let’s break it down.

man with tie successfactor

SAP News: The Success of SuccessFactors

It won’t come as a surprise when you read that SuccessFactors is thriving in the SAP market. Australia as a whole is screaming out for good people with all types of experience in SuccessFactors. Chris Oughton explains the impact it’s having on the market & what you should know.

australia votes image

Politics and how election results will impact SAP industries

On this week’s blog we’re talking politics. So how does Liberal’s win affect SAP industries? We discuss mining, retail, utilities, and government sectors and how they’re affected by this result. We also discuss if Speller International can predict any SAP changes. Let’s take a look!

image from brisbane saug

SAUG Brisbane key takeaways

Last week nearly 200 people filled the first floor of the Sofitel for this years’ Brisbane SAUG. They covered Machine Learning/ AI and ChatBots, state revenue and taxes, data updates, and how the Queensland government is leading the way in technology. Chris Oughton talks us through it!