Meet the SAP Consultants

On working from home: An interview with Hazel Rybinski

Have you ever dreamt about working from home? Well, it’s not completely unattainable. We chat with Hazel Rybinski, an SAP Payroll Functional Consultant from Brisbane who works from home, and ask her why she made the jump, how she stays motivated, and what advice she gives to others that want to make that lifestyle change too.

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Working in the Government

There is a common perception that work in the government can be slow paced, bureaucratic, and less progressive than work in private companies. Jack Bland speaks with one of our most senior SAP consultants to get an inside view on what he feels are the main differences!

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Lets catch up with Jack Bland
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Meet the SAP Consultants
Meet the SAP Consultants

Meet the Consultant: Debra Linder

Debra Linder is a dynamic SAP Change and Training Facilitator with a humorous, fun and creative approach. Learn more about Deb and her previous work with Speller in our new Meet the Consultant series!

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Take a bite of the Apple Isle - SAP workers in Tasmania
3 SAP consultants share their challenges during their transition back to work and how they’ve kept the balance between parenthood and being a SAP consultant - Speller International