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Client Recruiter Relationship

The recruiter and client relationship is an important one and must be sustained not only throughout the recruitment process, but also day to day. We talk about why it’s so important in today’s blog.

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2019 SAP trends

Monthly SAP placement trends revealed

When it comes to SAP recruitment, timing may affect how you feel about job chasing, but should it always sway you when it comes to searching for your new position? Find out the highest and lowest ranking months and why.

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The importance of effective onboarding

Getting onboarding right can pay enormous dividends.There are a number of things to consider on the days leading up to a new employee starting with your company. Luke Day shares his experiences, and the key considerations for employers in this blog for Speller International.

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The benefits of partnering with Agencies exclusively

Speller International looks at the benefits for clients of entering into an exclusive Agency relationship for SAP recruiting purposes, including how accurate candidate matching and a more efficient process can lead to higher quality outcomes.

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