There’s no doubt it can be tough when you’re looking for work or in between contracts. Just preparing your CV alone is a real investment of time, and when the phone isn’t ringing it’s easy to get despondent.

But I’m with a recruitment agency, you might say – it’s their job to look out for me! Well, that’s certainly true to some extent, but there really is more to it. We deal with a lot of candidates and there could be any number of reasons why your phone isn’t ringing with a call from us.

As we’ve been asked by a few candidates what those reasons might be, we’ve prepared this quick little guide as to how you can best get the phone ringing for you.

Firstly, it’s important to be proactive! Here’s how:

  • When you spot a job, check your CV and see if it’s in need of a quick refresh. Then send it through to us and follow up a day or so later with a phone call. Some recruiters aren’t a fan of this approach, but we find it shows your motivation and passion, and keeps you in the forefront of thoughts.
  • If you’re nearing the end of one contract and we’ve yet to place you in another, let us know.
  • If you’re not enjoying your current role and are open to opportunities, give us a call. If the last time we spoke you were happy, there’s a good chance we think you still are!
  • As a general rule, we’re not mind readers – keep in touch with us! Tell us where you’re at, what you’re currently interested in, what’s got you excited… and what you want to be doing most.

Secondly, here’s some things to keep in mind generally when interacting with recruiters like Speller – these are all little tidbits that can best help us help you!

  • If you’re seeking a new job and it just isn’t happening yet, ask for feedback and take the feedback on board. It is likely to be constructive (we want you to get the job too, you know).
  • Keep in mind that any feedback is always going to be someone’s perception – now, it may not be how you feel about yourself, but it’s how you’re seen by others. This can be difficult to take on sometimes, but it really can reveal areas for improvement and light the way to valuable self-development.
  • FOCUS – don’t apply for every role. Apply for roles that match your profile, and be honest about your skills and experience. Rather than showing initiative, applying for everything under the sun can really work against you.
  • Most importantly: be kind. Genuine, friendly communication is your best ally in the difficult world of job hunting – we’re all human here, and are doing our very best to help.

All the above might seem obvious at face value, and to some extent that’s true. But it’s often the most obvious things that get overlooked when it feels like things are working out the way you’d ideally like them to.

Remember though that the Speller team have decades of collective experience in recruitment and these are the essential touchstones to ensure your talents have the best chance at being recognised.

So take on board the above, stay the course, and keep in touch. If you can do the above, you can be confident that phone will be ringing for you sooner rather than later!

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