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Have you ever felt interrogated by a recruiter? Sometimes it can feel like relentless question after question before YOU get any information at all!

In this blog we detail why these questions are a necessary part of the recruitment process – a process designed to ensure that once your skills and your ambitions are discovered, you will be well on your way to your next position.

Here are some of the reactions you might have to recruiter questions… and our reasons for asking them!

Reaction: You’ve asked me this before!!

You may feel like you’ve repeated everything a hundred time to the same agency… however, each role is unique and the recruiter needs to build a clear picture of how your particular skills will complement the role requirements. Ultimately, any question – even ones we may have asked before – is all in the service of presenting you in the best light.

Reaction: I’ve told you I’m interested!! Why think on it?!

You never know what can change overnight or over the weekend. Things come to mind, circumstances change or other jobs may come to fruition. Giving yourself time to think ensures that you have covered every hesitation and concern and are definitely sure that this job is for you.

Reaction: I beg your pardon! Why do you need to know if I have a partner and/or kids and if I’m renting?

Reason: You may find some questions intrusive! Questions about family commitments and home location, combined with our knowledge of our clients requirements, location and project demands help us ensure that we’re considering your personal requirements along with that of your employer, to achieve a suitable work culture fit for all parties. All of which will also assist you to make the right decision for your circumstances… and may bring to the surface things that you hadn’t thought of!

Reaction: How do I know what I’d do?! What kind of question is that?

Reason: What would you do if you resigned and your company offered you $5000 more to stay? You may think it’s weird to think about hypothetical scenarios, but often, when people actually stop to consider a situation, how you’d react in a given circumstance can be brought to light, introducing new things to weigh and consider.

Reaction: Mind your own business/You can’t trick me!

Reason: When is your interview? Is it a contract or permanent role? What company did you interview at? These questions, along with asking about other applications, sound like a nosey recruiter trying to find a lead. But ultimately, knowing these things makes the process much smoother. There should be no surprises that pop up (for any of us). The answers you give to these kind of questions makes sure we’re all on the same page, and helps us understand your preferred roles. It also assists in managing both ours and potential employers’ expectations around your availability.

Ultimately, you don’t ever have to answer any questions that you don’t feel comfortable with, but doing so will help your recruiter get a better overall picture of your circumstances… which will in turn give them the best chance to find you your preferred job.

Hopefully this gives you a bit more clarity as to why recruiters ask so many questions. It really does serve only to help both parties make the right decisions, in service of that one goal – advancing your career!

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