2019 SAP trends

Monthly SAP placement trends revealed

When it comes to SAP recruitment, timing may affect how you feel about job chasing, but should it always sway you when it comes to searching for your new position? Find out the highest and lowest ranking months and why.

the year in review by Speller International

2017/2018 Year in Review

With another financial year been and gone, Judy Cole takes a detailed look at the past12 months of results at Speller International and identifies the hot jobs, biggest areas of growth and key trends for FY19.

Meet the Team

Meet the team: Keely Shay

Introducing our new recruit – Keely Shay. With a variety of expereince, both professionally and in life, she’s an enthusiastic addition to our Speller Team!

Nick Speller and Judy Cole
working abroad

The importance of effective onboarding

Getting onboarding right can pay enormous dividends.There are a number of things to consider on the days leading up to a new employee starting with your company. Luke Day shares his experiences, and the key considerations for employers in this blog for Speller International.

Top Attributes a client looks for

What I Like About You: Top Attributes Employers Seek

At Speller, we’re here to help you present yourself in the best light to potential employers. This month, we revisit one of our most popular blogs from 3 years ago, an overview of the key attributes held by top candidates, from the point of view of an employer. Read on for more!

Meet the SAP Consultants

Meet the Consultant: Debra Linder

Debra Linder is a dynamic SAP Change and Training Facilitator with a humorous, fun and creative approach. Learn more about Deb and her previous work with Speller in our new Meet the Consultant series!

questions about SAP

Questions, questions… what’s with all the questions???

Have you ever felt interrogated by a recruiter? Sometimes it can feel like relentless question after question before YOU get any information at all! In our latest blog, we detail why these questions are a necessary part of the recruitment process, meant to get you well on your way to your next position!