“Why didn’t you call?”

Looking for gigs can be hard work. Don’t let it get you down! Instead, read Speller International’s quick guide to ensuring the recruiter’s phone is ringing for you!

Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Luke Day

Introducing our latest recruit to the Speller Team, Luke Day. From the UK to Dubai and the tropics of the Bahamas, this travel junkie and cinema buff has found himself right at home among our ranks. Meet Luke in Speller International’s latest Meet the Team post!

short term contracts in SAP

Short-term contracts, long term gains

Just because a contract is short-term, you don’t need to be short sighted about it. In fact, it may prove just the thing that can help to meet some of your longer-term goals. Discover more of the benefits of short-term in Speller International’s latest blog!

skype interview tips

The Skype’s the limit – preparing for Skype/telephone interviews

It’s often nerve-wracking sitting for a job interview, especially when you’re seated opposite a panel of interviewers. But what if the interview you are about to attend is a telephone or Skype interview? Is it less stressful? Is it easier? Can you get away with more? Speller talks you through the do’s… and don’ts!

Fixed Term Contracts, big picture benefits

Everyone knows that daily rate contracting is where grass is greener… don’t they? We look at whether fixed term contracts can help put you in the ‘good paddock’ in the SAP marketplace.

What’s Important when choosing your next SAP Company?

These are lots of good questions to ask yourself before accepting interviews for potential roles, we’ve put a few of the hard questions to one of our contractors, his tips and advice are great to have in the back of your mind when choosing your next role.


Quarterly Crunch – Q3 FY17/18

Speller International’s Q3 stats are out! What skill did we place most of? What skill was highly sought after? Place your bets, because it’s time to find out in our latest Quarterly Crunch.


Feedback, the breakfast of champions!

Learning how to seek – and most importantly, receive – feedback is crucial for healthy personal and career development. Learn why and ways to do so in the latest Speller blog.


How to balance work and life in the SAP world

There’s no denying it – working in SAP can be stressful. It’s important to look after yourself if you want to really achieve what you want in life and your career. Speller International looks at easy ways to strike the right balance in our latest blog.

Building an SAP Network

SAP – it’s all about the connections…

As with any industry, building a career in the SAP field is as much about whom you know as it is what you know. Speller International takes a look at some simple ways you can build a network that works for you.

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