Building an SAP Network

SAP – it’s all about the connections…

As with any industry, building a career in the SAP field is as much about whom you know as it is what you know. Speller International takes a look at some simple ways you can build a network that works for you.

partnering with agencies

The benefits of partnering with Agencies exclusively

Speller International looks at the benefits for clients of entering into an exclusive Agency relationship for SAP recruiting purposes, including how accurate candidate matching and a more efficient process can lead to higher quality outcomes.

Work in Australia
Melbourne Work

Work, and making Melbourne work for you

It is possible to see the sights and hit those KPIs at the same time, with a bit of lateral thinking about just how big your office can be! We reveal how to make the most of working in Melbourne, in Speller’s latest blog.

Data Migration

Bang your Drum: Data Migration

We explore what companies are looking when they need to move their trusted data, with a look at the expected skills demanded in SAP Data Migration in our latest Bang the Drum.

The pros and cons of working from home

Working from home can work wonders for some, while others can find it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. We look at how to strike the right balance and make it work for you


How to get the best out of your banking as a Contractor?

As anyone who has ever taken on a contract knows, there are pros and cons to the contracting life. After a decade in banking and loan approvals, Brad Lister shares some of what he has learned to help you navigate your professional finances when contracting.

Nailing Interview
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