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Not Just Another Article on Interview Tips

Interview tips are a dime a dozen across the web. Our mission on the Speller Blog is to convey advice and information that cuts through…so, we recently asked our consultants for some of their top interview tips, without any fluff.

Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Bundle

Speller International is making an exciting foray into social media. It’s another place where we can put our clients and candidates first; bringing you all fresh, interesting and valuable content.

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Job Seekers, Get Social!

This article is the first instalment in a series where we discuss the value of each social network for job seekers, in order of priority.

Show me the Time! Umm, I mean…Money!

There’s a reason the iconic movie line isn’t “Show me the time!”. First up, it doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? And second, whilst the old cliché does suggest time equals money…we don’t always hold them in equal stead. Money seems more tangible than time.

Contracting Pros and Cons

To some, contracting is a holy path towards greater financial return from and control over one’s time. Whilst to others, it is a means to an end whilst seeking a greater sense of security that comes with a permanent position.