short term contracts in SAP

Speller International has seen a massive uptake in short-term contracts of late. This is an ever changing and fickle market so various reasons account for this;

  • Urgency for the resource
  • Budget restrictions (especially getting close to the end of financial year)
  • Multiple projects across the country seem to have received approval at similar times
  • A general feeling of fear with regards to spending and commitment (i.e. freeze on headcounts)

Some people are a little hesitant when considering a short term contracting opportunity. The feeling is that if it’s such a short contract does it mean there is a shortage of work? Is the company going through a tough time? Will my contract extend? What will I do afterwards? Will a short contract look bad on my CV?

I think you get the picture.

A short-term contract doesn’t have to be a negative thing, however. We have seen contracts of all lengths across all types of SAP roles over the time that Speller International has been in business. The short of it is… Never assume anything! Long contracts can suddenly be cut short, short contracts can go on. I have even seen 3-4 week contracts be extended on for months, even years!

We’ve also found many positives regarding the short-term contract. They include:

Gap filler – Working a short contract can ‘keep you going’ while you are waiting for ‘the right job’.

Holiday money – A short contract can be just what you need to make some money before that holiday you have planned.

Networking – Sure, it’s not the 12-month contract you’d dreamed of, but think of the new network of people you can be part of! This will help you in the future.

Technology – This short-term role may be your ‘in’ to getting experience with a new system or tool!

Extension– Generally, contracts extend. An initial contract is usually dictated by what budget is available at the time. About 90% of the time, we have seen contracts extend considerably… and as they continue, more projects arise, enabling further extensions to happen almost inevitably.

Real Story: Gary Lee
Recently, we placed a consultant in a Master Data Lead role for 8 weeks. We sat down with Gary Lee to learn his thoughts on short-term contracts…

What were the drivers for you accepting a short-term contract?
Observing the I.T. Project space over the last 2 years, I have seen progressive change on the resourcing of projects from technical resources, analysts to project managers. One of the key drivers for me was to gain experience in new projects within a new company and put my skill-set into practice in a new environment.

The days where companies hire for a specific skill in a permanent job are the past. Companies want an agile team delivering the current top priority project leveraging on experiences from different organizations and mindsets. In turn, for the individual it promotes rapid growth in experience and new skills.

Were there any concerns about taking the leap in to a short-term contract?
One of the challenges changing from a permanent job to contracting is the mindset of consistent income and the security of steady work. But once your mindset changes, you see every contract as an opportunity, and not the ending of a job.

What opportunities did it create for you?
The opportunity to lead a dynamic team and put my Management skills in to practice in a new environment and culture. Practicing some of my hands-on knowledge in the data migration area in a new system is an added bonus. Working in a contract-based project gives the ability to fast track management skills and experience as one journeys through different company cultures.

What are your thoughts so far on your decision?
The contract journey for me has been an exciting opportunity and I’m enjoying the new work environment. Overall, I am glad to get exposure to the contract world, as whole new opportunities can open up once in the right mindset.

So just because a contract is short-term, you don’t need to be short sighted about it. In fact, it may prove just the thing that can help to meet some of your longer-term goals. If you’re interested in seeing what kind of short-term opportunities are presently available, view our listings or talk to the Speller team today!