Everyone knows that daily rate contracting is where grass is greener… don’t they? We look at whether fixed term contracts can help put you in the ‘good paddock’ in the SAP marketplace.

You may have noticed while seeking out your next job opportunity that there have been a higher number of fixed term contract positions listed lately in the market. For those who may be unaware, fixed term contract roles will treat you – and pay you as though you were a permanent employee, but only for a fixed period of time (depending on the length of the proposed engagement).

Fixed term Contracts have developed a bit of a bad rap, as some candidates tend to see them as a client’s way of ‘getting contract resources for cheaper.’ It can also make other candidates apprehensive if they’re seeking a permanent opportunity – why can’t the client commit?

So, some feel it’s better to steer away from Fixed Term Contracts. But is it all bad? Not at all!


It really depends on your objectives. From our perspective, the benefits can be considerable, depending on where you are in life and what your priorities might be. Here are a few plus points you might not have considered:

  • You’ll be treated like an employee: one of the team, able to attend company functions and events.
  • You get holidays and sick leave and even get paid for public holidays! You don’t get that in your average contract! Though a little gloomy, if you suffer a long-term sickness (god forbid) or something else that would stop you working for a longer term, you’ll have an employer who is likely to be more considerate to your situation.
  • A long-tail one perhaps, but as a Fixed Term Contract is considered permanent work, it’s easier to get approvals if you’re looking to buy a house.
  • You can negotiate. Yes, there’s no doubt that contract rates are generally higher, but you’ll still have the power to state your case for the annual salary you want. You’ll also generally get any benefits and bonuses offered by the company too (in most cases)!
  • The career ladder. Fixed Term Contracts can lead to promotions, to permanent full-time… to who knows what else. It might be your ‘way in’ to an organisation that could really take you places.


Look, there’s no two ways about it. Daily rate will generally deliver a higher wage than Fixed Term, but depending on the role it can get close – and that’s before you’ve even considered the other benefits.

Sometimes it comes down to thinking about the bigger picture. Where are you in your life or career? What are your obligations, your goals, and how can your career best serve them? Or even, how can you best serve your career?

Are you looking for a great team of mentors, perhaps? Access to particular technologies to learn from? Or would your work/life balance be better served by a certain location? There are a number of valid reasons to consider a Fixed Term Contract, and the above are just a few.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to fixed, why not drop us a line? The Speller team can help you determine what your next move should be, and talk you through your options. Say hello, or view our SAP opportunities here… and best wishes whatever you decide!